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Please read What We Stand For to see our Statement of Support for Black Lives Matter, Statement of Support for LGBTQ Civil Right, and Unitarian Universalism's Seven Principles.

Welcome and thank you for visiting. Due to concern for all of our health, First Parish Church is suspending all church sponsored in-person activities. We are celebrating our Sundays together on-line. Mid-week we offer evening on-line activites to bring joy and combat boredom and isolation.
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Our Sunday services begin at 11:00 AM and last approximately an hour. Join us for Fellowship 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the service.

Wherever you are on life's journey. You are welcome here.

We are Unitarian Universalists, or UU's for short. We are people of all ages and walks of life who live in Billerica and nearby towns. We come from a variety of religious backgrounds - mainly Christian and Jewish. We have a wide range of religious beliefs. Some of us are newcomers, while some are long time U.U.'s. We cherish the universal truths taught by the great teachers in every time and tradition. We welcome diversity of religious opinion, yet we seek a strengthened spirituality for ourselves. We want the opportunity to consider religious questions with others who are not always certain they have all the answers.

Wayside Pulpit All Welcome

Our Mission Statement (Diversity Statement): "This Congregation affirms and promotes the full participation of persons in all our activities and endeavors, including membership, programming, hiring practices, and the calling of religious professionals, without regard to race, color, gender, physical or mental challenge, affectional or sexual orientation, age, class, national origin, or political affiliation."

We have a strong commitment to accessibility. If you have problems with this web site please send email to Webmaster stating what is not working for you.

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All are Welcome here!

Dear Members and Friends,
Services start @ 11 AM and last about an hour.
Zoom Fellowship Chat  30-Min before and after Sunday Service. We hope you will join us.

Jan 24   “Did We Inaugurate a New Era, Or Just a Person?”, Doug Muder

No doubt it is going to be a relief not to have to deal with the personality of Donald Trump in the White House. But what substantive changes can we reasonably hope for in our nation?

Jan 31   “Midwinter”, Rabbi Yaakov Reef

Six weeks ago, our world stood at the Solstice - Summer for the Southern Hemisphere, Winter for us. Six weeks from now, we stand again at another turning: the Equinox. Here and now we stand in the middle, the cross between two quarters of the year: Midwinter. What can we learn from delving deeply into the cosmic mysteries of our Wheel of the Year?

 Our drop-in conversations continue to evolve. Click the Zoom Service meeting link for:

Mondays - FPC Monday Night Zoom Chat, hosted by Sarah Mills, 7:00-8:00p.m.
Pop-in for a virtual visit with whomever stops by, think of this like an open house with friends. Different topics, creative projects, Zoom problem solving, recipes, something new each week. Hope you will come for a visit soon.

Mondays - Monday Night Meditation Group, hosted by Shanti, 9:00-9:30p.m.
This 30-min meditation practice may include guided visualization, mantra, breathwork, and other techniques to help focus the mind. Please prepare a distraction-free space where you will not be disturbed. You are encouraged to use cushions, blocks, meditation benches, etc. as props so you can sit upright comfortably for the duration of the session. Many people also like to wear an outer covering, like a shawl or blanket, while meditating. It is ideal if you set up an altar and light a candle. Prayer beads (mala or rosary) are very beneficial for the practice of mantra repetition. (You are welcome to continue meditating after we close the Zoom call!)

Thursdays - Community Yoga Class, hosted by Shanti, 7:00-7:45p.m.
Class is open to all, no experience necessary. Yoga is a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing practice that enables us to tune in to the body’s innate wisdom and tap into the deep source of peace within. This 90-minute class will be a traditional yoga practice in the Integral Yoga style that includes chanting, eye movements, and breathing practices, in addition to yoga postures (asana), and closes with a yogic sleep practice (yoga nidra) for deep integration. The class is structured to be accessible to all abilities and levels of practice and is especially appropriate for those who might otherwise be intimidated by yoga. Please prepare a distraction-free space prior to the class. You'll need a yoga mat as well as cushions, blankets, or blocks to use as props. If you don’t have a yoga mat, any large towel placed on a non-slip surface will also do. You may want to light a candle.